Justin Moe
College: Stevenson University
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Film/Video/Theatre
Expertise: Actor, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Location: MD/DC/VA

Hello! I am an actor and film maker! These are the two passions I have carried with me for most of my life, beginning at a very early age. Above, you will see three categories:

ACTOR – I began my acting experiences in Theatre and later integrated film roles into my resume. I have appeared in shows in MD and VA with Red Branch Theatre Company, Alluvion Stage Company, Howard County Summer Theatre, Silhouette Stages, and September Song Musical Theatre. My film acting experiences have taken me from Baltimore, MD to Richmond, VA, appearing in various types of projects. See the ACTING tab for more info!

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR – My professional producing and directing debut came in 2012 when I joined a team to create the documentary film “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”. Since then I have directed my own film projects. My directing background also includes theatre productions. See above tab for details!

VIDEO PRODUCTION – In college, I studied film production and have developed and refined my skills as a cinematographer and video editor, having worked on a variety of projects and film sets. I now offer freelance video/film services for narratives, documentaries, business promos, testimonials, music videos, audition videos, and weddings. Please visit the Video Production tab if you are interested in my video services. 

Examples of my work can be found on the tabs above. Below, you will find acting reviews as well as my business and film production reels.



Backstage Baltimore

Harry Connick Jr.’s The Happy Elf (Red Branch Theatre Co.)

“Finally, we get to our hero, Eubie the Happy Elf, played skillfully by Justin Moe. Simply going on looks, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this role other than Justin Moe but, look aside, he had me sold from the start. He was able to keep the energy up the entire 90 minutes and is absolutely believable as this character, giving his all and taking the role seriously enough to bring the audience into the story. He obviously understands his character’s objective and each choice he makes moves his character toward that goal of making sure Christmas is enjoyed by everyone, even a dark, salty town like Bluesville. Moe is a pleasure to watch with his strong vocal performance, and assured performance that makes him a distinct standout in this production.”

By Jason Crawford Samios-Uy

Full Show Review

Maryland Theatre Guide

Harry Connick Jr.’s The Happy Elf (Red Branch Theatre Co.)

“Justin Moe’s Eubie is an over-the-top, flat-out joy as Eubie.  His infectious grin, pointy ears, floppy hair and lanky movements put a smile on every face in the room (I checked.)  This mega-watt entertainer is so well suited to this part that I’m pretty sure he could step into the cartoon version and not miss a beat.  His fine voice on “Christmas Day” is touching and sweet, and his exuberance on others is spot-on for his character.”

By Timoth David Copney

Full Show Review

DC Metro Theatre Arts

Harry Connick Jr.’s The Happy Elf (Red Branch Theatre Co.)

“One could hardly wish for a sunnier Eubie than lanky Justin Moe. Beyond his Spock-like pointed ears and scarecrow frame, Moe delivers a genial and committed performance that is no less than inspiringly elf-conscious.”

By John Harding

Full Show Review